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Liora Ganor, an artist, an Abstract Painter,
born on 1960, a mother of 2 daughters,

lives and works in her studio in Kfar Aviv village,

in the Shfela area, Israel,

and works as a Layout Engineer,

in the Semiconductor Hightech Industry.

Liora studied Architecture and Design

in the Hasviva College

– Architecture & Design workshop.
She studied Art in Tel Aviv University,

and continued to develop in the studio

of the artist Dani Back.

Liora is influenced mainly by the artists

Mark Rothko and Gerhard Richter.

Her work is a dialog between elements

that appear and disappear,

cover and being uncovered,

and the mystery in between.

A Guiding Concept :

"In my work I'm trying to abstain of Shape

and of Symbol, and of a description

of an inner or outer reality.

Using color, textures, layers,

translucencies, motion, and composition,

I'm looking to create a World

that stands by its own,

and doesn't represent
anything but itself".

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